V for Vendetta was originally a comic book series written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd from 1981 -1988. The series was set in the late nineties, as a terrorist named V attempts to destroy the tolitarian Norsefire government. The story unfolds in the eyes of V and two protagonists: Evey, a young sixteen year old orphan who is held hostage by V, and Eric Finch, an investigator working for the Norsefie's police department who is committed to stopping V's actions.


On the 5th November 1997, Evey, accidently offers prostution services to undercover Fingermen . The Fingermen place Evey under arrest for violating the governments curfew laws, and attempt to rape her. However Evey is rescued by V, a mysterious vigilante who wears Guy Fawkes mask, kills the Fingermen. Evey is taken to a rooftop by V, where she is a witness to V's detonation of one of the Houses Of Parliament. Because of her involvement in V's actions, V takes Evey to a secret underground lair called The Shadow Gallery. There, Evey recounts her story, including the rise of the Norsefire government,the death of her mother and the disappearance of her father who was sent to, and killed in a concentration camp.

The Norsefire party, covers up V's detonation, and allocates the invesitigation to Eric Finch, a seasoned investigator and head of the Nose -The Norsefire's police department.