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"V" is the pseudonym of the unnamed co-protagonist.

Although little is known of "V"s past, it is assumed that before the Media:Norsefire Regime took over he was a man of customs that the party deemed immoral, hence his previous status as a Larkhill Concentration Camp Prisioner. What is know of his past was torn off a file book conserved by Britain's Royal Library in an attempt to prevent the Norsefire Party from identifying him. Before he took the persona of "V" he was a innmate at Larkhill Concentration Camp, room 5 or V in Roman Numerals. In his time as an immate he was experimented on by Dr. Delia Surridge, the chief director of the medical staff. Dr. Delia Surridge described "V" as an ugly person, that is until he was mutated into a much more developed self. After his transformation "the man from room V" was characterized as superhuman, gaining both physical and intellectual advantage over the staff at Larkhill, and soon, the rest of Britain. He gained superhuman strength and unmatched intellegence.


He is described as an anarchist, freedom fighter and vigilante who plots to overthrow the Norsefire Party, the totalitarian party directed by Adam Sutler, Britain's Dictator in that time.  "V" is described as a cunning, charismatic but nonetheless brutal and vengeful against the surviving Larkhill C.C. staff